West Midlands Ambulance staff 'busy' in new year

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Ambulance crews in the West Midlands said they had a busy new year, with 1,407 emergency calls in the first five hours of Saturday.

A spokesman said the majority came in between 0200 GMT and 0400 GMT, mostly for alcohol-related incidents.

Treatment centres were set up across the region with 35 patients attending one in Broad Street, Birmingham.

Last year the service got 1,269 emergency calls in the first three hours.

The treatment centres were set up in Broad Street, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and Walsall.

Chief executive Anthony Marsh said the public should be proud of staff and volunteers who gave up their night to ensure people's safety.

West Midlands Police reported a few minor incidents and said it had received 1,200 calls by 0330 GMT, but no incidents of significance.

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