Sharon Osbourne's stolen wedding ring found on Crimewatch

image captionKelly Osbourne thanked the Crimewatch programme on Twitter

The stolen wedding ring of TV presenter Sharon Osbourne was among recovered jewellery featured on BBC Crimewatch, her daughter Kelly has claimed.

Detectives are trying to trace the owners of more than £1m worth of jewellery found in South Yorkshire and made a TV appeal on Tuesday night.

Miss Osbourne said on Twitter: "Mum is over the moon thats her wedding ring".

Police said a number of items of jewellery was taken from the Osbourne's home in 2004.

'Cried with joy'

An anonymous call was made after the programme, claiming some of the jewellery featured belonged to the Osbourne family.

Miss Osbourne said her mother "cried with joy" when she heard the ring had appeared on the programme.

Head of the economic crime unit for South Yorkshire Police, Graham Wragg, told BBC News that he was liaising with Thames Valley Police, which led an inquiry when the Osbourne burglary took place.

He said he would arrange a formal identification with the Osbournes if he was happy with a Thames Valley Police description of the stolen jewellery.

He added: "Hopefully we'll be able to return some of the jewellery to its rightful owners."

South Yorkshire Police found a quantity of cash and more than 70 items of jewellery in the Doncaster area in August 2010, but have so far been unable to find the owners.

Officers said the items might not be from the region.

Fifty calls were made to the studios and six to South Yorkshire Police.

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