Jail extension for Exeter Prison cell escape plan

A prisoner who attempted to escape from his cell with home-made tools has been given an extended jail sentence.

Simeon Langford, 28 of Litton Grove, Bristol, used screws and plastic cutlery to dig out the mortar from the wall of his Exeter Prison cell.

Langford admitted attempted escape, three assaults causing actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

His plan was stopped when debris was seen under his window. He was sentenced to three years and four months.

Langford was transferred to Exeter Prison in January 2011 after attacking three warders at Channings Wood Prison, four days before his release in December 2010.

'Doomed to failure'

Having initially been jailed in 2004 for four years for assault he has remained in prison, for all but two months, after also attacking officers at Gloucester and Dartmoor prisons.

Judge Erik Salomonsen said: "Officers found plastic cutlery with screws attached, sheets, and paint.

"You had concealed what you were doing with papier mache - this was an ingenious and inventive attempt but was doomed to failure.

"You must remain in custody because the public must know and prison officers must know that if a serving prisoner commits assault against them, the inevitable sentence is imprisonment."

Julia Farrant, defending, said Langford saw himself as a victim of repeated violence by prison officers.

Langford will be eligible for release in five months because he has already spent 15 months on remand.

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