Eastbourne rape accused 'triggered police panic alarm'

A man accused of raping a woman in her flat was caught when he returned a month later and accidentally set off a police panic alarm, a court heard.

Anthony Jordan, 50, from Eastbourne, Sussex, appeared at the Old Bailey accused of raping the woman in her east London flat on 15 May 1991.

He was arrested at the time but charges were dropped. However, advances in DNA testing led to his re-arrest last year.

Mr Jordan denies raping the woman, 50, but has admitted burglary.

Murder fear

The jury heard the victim woke up in the early hours of the morning to find someone in her bedroom.

A pillow was put over her face and her arms were pinned down.

Prosecutor Peter Glenser said: "It seemed, she thought, to go on forever. The pillow was still over her face and she was trying to breathe through it.

"On any view hers was a terrifying ordeal, she thought she was going to be murdered."

'Found crouching'

In the wake of the attack the woman was given a police panic alarm, which was activated a month after the alleged rape, when she was out.

Mr Glenser told the court: "Found crouching fully dressed in the dark in the lavatory was this defendant, Anthony Jordan, no debate about that, no dispute about that.

"He had been caught in the middle of burgling the woman's flat. The Crown say that he had returned to the scene of the crime committed a month earlier."

DNA testing was carried out on semen found on the woman's dressing gown, but only a partial profile was identified so charges against Mr Jordan were dropped.

However, last year the case was reviewed and a full profile was obtained, using more advanced scientific techniques.

According to prosecutors, this matched Mr Jordan to a probability of one in one billion.

The trial continues.

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