Hertfordshire police and crime commissioner results

David Lloyd of the Conservative Party has been elected police and crime commissioner for Hertfordshire.

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Image caption Sherma Batson, the Labour candidate, has called for change to improve policing

Former county councillor and member of Hertfordshire's Police Authority Sherma Batson is the Labour candidate.

She said the force needed to prioritise neighbourhood policing and take anti-social behaviour seriously.

Ms Batson said: "When it comes to policing the Tories don't get it. They are taking 310 police officers out of our community and stripping away vital powers. You don't cut crime by cutting the police."

Sherma Batson's election statement

DAVID LLOYD - Conservative

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Image caption Conservative candidate David Lloyd believes he has the experience to succeed in the role

Deputy leader of Hertfordshire County Council and chair of the police authority David Lloyd has been selected to stand as the Conservative Party candidate.

Mr Lloyd said as chair of the police authority he has the experience to succeed in the role.

He said: "Look at my record. Crime is down 20%. I am good at making sure organisations work efficiently and effectively."

David Lloyd's election statement

MARION MASON - UK Independence Party

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Image caption UKIP candidate for Hertfordshire believes in zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour

Ex-nurse and former Stevenage councillor Marion Mason has been selected as the UKIP candidate.

Ms Mason said: "I strongly believe that the accountability of the elected Police & Crime Commissioner gives a voice to the public and builds trust between the police and the local community. My long experience and knowledge of dealing with the public means that I am confident I can contribute significantly to building that trust."

She also believes there should be zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour.

Marion Ann Mason's election statement


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Image caption Lib Dem candidate Christopher Townsend aims to keep crime rates low

Dacorum Borough councillor Christopher Townsend has been chosen as the candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Townsend said one of his key aims was to keep crime rates low so that people in the county feel safe in their homes.

He said: "Police forces across the country are facing significant financial challenges. I see the police and crime commissioner as having a vital role in keeping as many police officers serving local people as possible, and to do everything possible to protect front-line police services while making the books balance."

Christopher Townsend's election statement