Dualling the A303 to be looked at in feasibility study

Image caption Business leaders have campaigned for 20 years for dualling for the A303

Dualling the A303 is going to be the subject of a feasibility study, the government has confirmed.

The road stretches about 100 miles from Hampshire to Devon and is one of the most direct routes from London.

But single carriageway sections including those around Stonehenge, suffer from traffic bottlenecks.

Business leaders, who have campaigned for 20 years for dualling, say cutting congestion is vital for the West Country's jobs and tourism.

The development would be part of £28bn being spent on improving roads, said Treasury Minister Danny Alexander.

"Any honourable member, from the prime minister down, who lives in Cornwall, or has driven there for their holidays will want to see a better A303," he said.

Tim Jones from Devon and Cornwall Business Council, said: "This artery is crucial to give us connectivity to London.

"It will give us resilience in traffic congestion on the M5 which is getting worse and has a knock on effect on the Devon economy."

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