Errol Flynn love letters to Ledbury sweetheart to be sold

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Image caption Errol Flynn was best known for his swashbuckling roles in films such as Captain Blood

Love letters written by dashing 1930s matinee idol Errol Flynn are to be sold at auction.

Flynn, who in 1934 had not yet achieved fame and fortune, wrote them to a girl he met while performing at the Malvern Festival.

Marjorie Bickham, from Hill Top Fruit Farm in Ledbury, was the girl he was trying to woo.

The letters will be sold at Fieldings Auctioneers in Stourbridge on 4 July, and are expected to make about £600.

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Image caption Errol Flynn in 1934, the year he fell for the charms of Ledbury girl Marjorie Bickham

Nick Davies, from Fieldings, said he was surprised when he was offered the letters: "I'd been to visit a couple who were 'downsizing' and they said they had some letters from Errol Flynn and would I be interested?

"It turned out that the letters were sent to [the vendor's] great-aunt, Marjorie Bickham - the girl he was trying to seduce."

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Image caption The letters span about four months, when Flynn was touring around Edinburgh and Glasgow

"Funny how you can't be candid - or sincere - in a letter. I can't anyway. There's so much I'd like to say to you...

"Perhaps I could if I knew for certain you wanted to hear it. I'm going to bed. I know I shall think of you until I go to sleep.

"'Night, Margy.


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Image caption Flynn finishes one letter with the words "Gosh, I'm keen to see you"

Flynn met Miss Bickham four years before he found fame. He was at Birmingham Repertory, travelling to regional theatres.

The first of the letters was written on a train while he was travelling to Scotland, and they continue for a period of four months.

In one letter, Flynn promises to telephone Miss Bickham, and adds: "If you're out or anything, I'll leave a message. And then I'll ring again."

Mr Davies said: "Sometimes he sounds absolutely desperate to go out with her".

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Image caption Errol through the ages: In 1923, attending college in Barnes, London; and in 1941

Errol Flynn

  • Born on 20 June, 1909 in Hobart, Australia
  • Films included Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk, The Dawn Patrol and The Adventures of Robin Hood
  • In the late 1950s he moonlighted as a newspaper columnist, documenting the Cuban revolution
  • Died in Vancouver, aged 50, on 14 October, 1959 of a heart attack
  • Survived by three ex-wives, son Sean Flynn, and daughters Arnella Roma, Rory, and Deirdre Flynn
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Image caption Errol's ladies: With first wife Lilli Damita in 1935, and with his third wife Patrice Wyemore in 1950

It is not known whether Flynn was successful in his romantic pursuit of Miss Bickham, but later in life he became known for his fast lifestyle and womanising ways, marrying three times.

At the time of his death at the age of 50, Flynn was planning a fourth marriage - to his teenage girlfriend Beverly Aadland.

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Image caption Errol Flynn was married three times and had four children

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