Your East Midlands questions answered

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Media captionAsk us your questions about where you live

You've been using Your Questions to tell us what you have always wondered about the East Midlands.

From "How do you pronounce Southwell?" to "Why are the taxis in Derby yellow?"

Here's how we have got on with answering your questions.

You asked: "How do you pronounce Southwell?"

There has long been a debate about how to correctly pronounce the name of this Nottinghamshire town - is it 'South-well' or 'Suh-thull'?

We struggled to find a definitive answer, so we put it to the vote.

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Media captionSo, how do you pronounce Southwell?

Paul Muir asked: "Why are the taxis in Derby yellow?"

Despite some colourful speculation, including that council bosses had been inspired by New York and "yellow paint was going cheap", the answer is much more sensible.

It is apparently just to make them easier to see. The decision was made, in consultation with taxi drivers across the city, back in 2001

A city council spokesman said painting the taxis yellow has been a success, so it doesn't look like the'll be changing again any time soon.

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Media captionDerby's choice of taxi colour was rumoured to have something to do with New York

Phil asked: "Will motorbikes meeting Euro4 standards be able to use the new Eco Expressway?"

When completed, the six-mile road from Gedling, through Colwick, to the eastern side of Nottingham city centre, will be the first electric vehicle-only road lane in England.

The city council said only vehicles meeting the Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles (ULEV) criteria will be able to use it. So essentially, fully electric or hybrid vehicles, including motorcycles.

Electric motorbikes are rare at the moment, but they are becoming more popular as battery performance improves.

Here's a list of ones recommended by the British Motorcycle Federation.

Image copyright Nottingham City Council
Image caption The Eco Expressway will be the first electric vehicle-only road lane in England

Tony Gascoigne asked: "Why is the Arboretum in Derby not more famous?"

It opened in September 1840, was the first public park in the UK, and is also believed to have inspired the design for New York's iconic Central Park.

We asked the council if they thought more could be done to promote the Grade II* listed park's history, but they have yet to get back to us.

On Facebook, some people felt that the Arboretum had seen better days,

But there was also much praise for the park's beauty and we were told that there is a Friends of Arboretum Park group which meets regularly.

Image caption Mill owner Joseph Strutt gifted the Arboretum to the people of Derby in 1840 to thank them for their work