Your East Midlands questions answered

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Ask us your questions about where you live

You've been using Your Questions to tell us what you have always wondered about the East Midlands.

From "Is Rutland financially viable?" to "Where was Graham Chapman born?"

Here's how we have got on with answering your questions.

You asked: "Is Rutland financially viable as a county? And would it not be better to return to being part of Leicestershire?"

This is a tricky one to answer.

But by many measurements, like average wage, education level, and employment rates, Rutland does better than average.

But don't take our word for it. We hit the streets of England's smallest county and asked the residents.

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Is Rutland better off independent?

Terry Bartlam asked: "Why are most of the buildings on Long Row, in Nottingham's Market Square, supported on columns?"

It's a great question that takes us back to the medieval origins of the market place, according to Frank Earp from Nottingham Hidden History Team.

Image source, Nottingham City Council/Picture the Past

Back then, as now, there were strict laws restricting building in the Market Square.

Eager to expand their businesses, stallholders got round this by building their timber stalls upwards - supporting the larger, overhanging upper storeys with wooden struts.

By Victorian times, these structures had been replaced with brick buildings and the wooden struts became the stone columns we see today, creating a colonnade shoppers can walk under.

Adam Posnett asked: Where exactly in Stoneygate was the care home that Graham Chapman of Monty Python was born in? Should it get a blue plaque?

Stoneygate Conservation Area Society identified the building where Graham Chapman was born as this building in Stoneygate Road.

Image source, Google

The old Victorian House is now part of Blossoms Nursery but it's thought to have been the Stoneygate Nursing Home in 1941 when the actor was born there.

Neil Crutchley, from the society, said: "If you look to the left you can see a later addition which looks as though it could well have been part of a nursing home as it has that utilitarian look about it."

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Graham Chapman with the other members of Monty Python

And could there be a blue plaque, as Adam asked?

It's worth noting that in 2014 a plaque was put up in Melton Mowbray at one of many houses the actor lived in.

The Heritage Foundation, the group behind the blue plaques, said it is "absolutely" something it would be interested in. But it first needs the approval of the building owner and Leicester City Council.