West Midlands: Three things you wanted to know

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Ask us your questions about where you live

People have been using Your Questions to ask us what they want to know about the West Midlands.

You wanted to know what the average wage is in Shropshire and how it compares to London.

You also asked how Coventry Transport Museum could be promoted more to increase its reach abroad.

And why is Weston Park advertised as being in Shropshire when it is actually in Staffordshire?

Here is how we got on finding out the answers.

What are job prospects and average wages in Shropshire?

The most recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) lists the gross weekly pay for someone in London as £670.80.

The gross weekly pay for someone in the Shropshire Council local authority area is £475.60 and for the Telford and Wrekin Council area (also part of the county of Shropshire) it is £482.30.

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Dinham Bridge, in Ludlow, is one of many beautiful scenes in Shropshire

Deciding whether it is a good county to live in is very subjective, although the ONS has also attempted to provide a measure of this, suggesting Shropshire is just about average.

Other surveys have suggested towns including Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Bridgnorth are among the best places to live in the UK.

The job prospects question can probably be answered by a look at the number of people not in work and claiming jobseeker's allowance.

The most recent figures from the ONS are from January and report 1.3% of the population of the UK fell into this category. In the Shropshire local authority area, it was 0.6% of the population and in Telford 1% of the population.

Why don't our friends know about the Transport Museum?

Coventry's Transport Museum boasts the world's largest collection of British road transport vehicles and almost 400,000 people have passed through its doors in the past 12 months.

But visiting student Sitesh Taipathy got in touch via the Your Questions tool to say he loved the museum but friends back in India had never heard of it.

He asked whether there were plans to better promote the attraction overseas.

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The museum boasts the world's largest collection of British road transport vehicles

It's just been awarded £200,000 by the Arts Council in order to boost the tourist economy.

Culture Coventry, the charitable trust that manages the museum, says it's working with other organisations to develop a strategy to increase tourism and economic growth in the city.

Is Weston Park in Shropshire or Staffordshire?

It's quite the puzzle.

Weston Park's address, according to the stately home's website, is in Shropshire, with a Telford postcode.

Its main phone number is also a Telford area code.

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Weston Park's address is in Shropshire

Looking on this Shropshire Council boundary map, it would seem Weston Park, just to the right of the A41, is half inside the boundary and half outside.

Image source, Shropshire Council

Everything to the left of the blue line is within Shropshire's boundary.

So I guess in answer to your question, it is both.

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