West Midlands: Three things you wanted to know

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People have been using Your Questions to ask us what they want to know about the West Midlands.

You wanted to know if the Staffordshire delicacy oatcakes could be bought as a gluten free option.

You asked us why Warwickshire County Cricket club played at Edgbaston in Birmingham.

And you wanted to know who the candidates for the West Midlands 'metro mayor' are. Here is how we got on with answering your questions.

Where can I buy gluten-free oatcakes?

These local delicacies are not available universally - both Staffordshire Oatcakes and High Lane Oatcakes say they do not sell them.

But of the firms we asked, Povey Oatcakes say they do sell them and get a fair interest in having them sent across the UK.

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Image caption Staffordshire oatcakes can be topped with anything from bacon and egg to the traditional Cheshire cheese

And Weston Coyney Oatcakes sell them too, with owner Ian Hammersley telling me they "sell out as soon as they bake them".

He added that they do take longer to bake and need more care when cooking but he has also sent them - or a dry mix to make them - all over the UK.

Why Warwickshire County Cricket Club play at Edgbaston in Birmingham?

Despite playing in Birmingham, the links with Warwickshire go way back to the club's foundation in Leamington Spa in 1882.

According to the ground's website, Warwickshire had considered Rugby and Leamington Spa for their headquarters but then club secretary William Ansell believed that Birmingham's large population and rail connections made a city-base more preferable.

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Image caption The record attendance at a County Championship match at Edgbaston is 28,000 against Lancashire in the championship-winning season of 1951

The Birmingham links do not always go down well with the fans however, with many of them unhappy with the decision, in 2013, to change the name of their T20 side to the Birmingham Bears.

And now details of a new city-based T20 competition have been revealed, which could stretch county links even further.

Who are the candidates for the West Midlands 'metro mayor' elections?

On 4 May 2017, voters in the West Midlands will choose their first 'metro mayor'.

It is part of the devolution deal that takes decision-making from Westminster to our region, on important issues such as housing and transport.

James Burn will represent the Green Party; Peter Durnell the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and Andy Street the Conservative Party.

Image copyright Birmingham City Council
Image caption James Burn; Beverley Anne Nielsen and Graham John Stevenson are among six candidates

Beverley Anne Nielsen is the Liberal Democrats candidate and Sion Llewelyn Simon will stand for the Labour and Co-operative Party for the 4 May election.

Graham John Stevenson, a Communist candidate, is also to stand.

Image copyright Birmingham City Council
Image caption Peter Durnell; Sion Llewelyn Simon and Andy Street will also stand on 4 May

The metro mayor will represent Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, and Wolverhampton.

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