Yorkshire Party launches manifesto

People with Yorkshire Party placards standing on steps
Image caption The Yorkshire Party launches its manifesto on the steps of Wakefield Cathedral

The Yorkshire Party has demanded the setting up of a parliament for the county in its election manifesto.

The party launched the document in Wakefield and said it is fielding 21 candidates, up from the 14 it had in the 2015 election.

Stewart Arnold, the party's leader, said it wanted to "invigorate the often stale, tribal politics we have in Yorkshire".

Mr Arnold said the amount of devolution Yorkshire had received was "nothing".

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It describes itself as a progressive political party campaigning for Yorkshire devolution.

"The transfer of real and meaningful powers from London to Yorkshire is the key to a better economy, better education, better housing and better democracy", he said.

Mr Arnold said the party would be campaigning "across the three Ridings".

Its manifesto claimed Yorkshire has a larger population than Scotland, an economy twice that of Wales and covered a bigger area than Greater London.

Two major parties have also chosen West Yorkshire for their manifesto launches.

The Conservative Party had earlier launched its document in Halifax.

Meanwhile, the Labour party launched its pledges in Bradford, on Tuesday.

Professor Martin Smith, from the University of York, said Yorkshire was being seen as a "central battleground" for the two parties.

"It is a crucial part of the campaign for both parties as they want to show that they are not just parties of the south but of what they see as ordinary working people," he said.

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Other Yorkshire Party pledges include "protection of greenbelt and a green Yorkshire" and "investment in our county's infrastructure".

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