Tonnes of waste dumped off country lane near Birmingham

Waste off lane in Frankley Image copyright @SnapperSK
Image caption This no tipping sign was put up after the rubbish was dumped

About 20 tonnes of waste has been dumped on land off a country lane near Birmingham.

The pile, estimated to be about 15ft (4.6m) high, was found by a press photographer out taking pictures of the sunset on Sunday in Frankley.

"To my left was a glorious sunset, to my right was about 20 tonnes of rubbish," he said.

Image copyright @SnapperSK
Image caption The pile has been in the field for several weeks, according to the local council
Image copyright @SnapperSK
Image caption It's thought to be commercial waste

The council said the rubbish had been there for a few weeks and it had offered to help the landowner move it.

Guy Revans, head of environmental services at Bromsgrove District Council, said: "This case is a few weeks old and the Environment Agency, as well as the police, county and parish councils and even the MP, are aware of it.

Image copyright @SnapperSK
Image caption The landowner will have to pay Bromsgrove council for the fly-tipping to be removed

"It seems to be the latest local symptom of a growing regional problem, where we see large scale fly-tips of what appears to be commercial waste of the kind that is subject to Environment Agency rules."

He said the council had offered to help the landowner remove the waste at a reduced cost.

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Media captionRubbish dumped off country lane near Birmingham

"Unfortunately such fly tips on private land leave the landowner to foot the bill, often at great expense.

"The sign in the photos actually went up after the incident had been reported, as part of multi-agency attempts to support the landowner in various ways and discourage repeat incidents," he said.

The parish council has been contacted by the BBC but has not yet responded.

The Environment Agency said waste crime takes as much as £1bn from legitimate business and the treasure every year.

"Unfortunately, often landowners are left with the responsibility and costs of disposing of the waste dumped on their land. The cost of this can be considerable," it said.

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