General Election 2017: Memorable moments around England

A demonstrator wears a mask depicting Theresa May Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption A demonstrator wears a mask depicting Prime Minister Theresa May, and poses with a mock gravestone bearing the words 'Hard Brexit, RIP'

As the country faces up to a hung parliament following an election which saw Theresa May's Conservatives stumble and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour surge, here are some other unforgettable things that happened around England on election night and the morning after.

Jacob Rees Mogg's tongue sandwich

Image caption Jacob Rees Mogg and his sandwiches

The Conservative MP for North East Somerset arrived at the count fully stocked up with sandwiches, all tidily packed up in plastic boxes. And what delights were within? Turkey, egg and cress - and tongue.

"I didn't make them myself," he said, without telling us who did.

Young voters deliver Labour gains

England's election night in pictures

What happens when no-one wins an election?

A man with a bucket on his head

In Maidenhead, Berkshire, Lord Buckethead finished seventh out of the 13 candidates who stood in the prime minister's constituency with 249 votes. It was the third time he'd gone up against a prime minister - standing against Margaret Thatcher in 1987 in Finchley and John Major in 1992 in Huntingdonshire.

His policies included bringing back Ceefax.

Mansfield's Oscars moment

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Media captionMansfield has its Oscars moment

Everyone at the Mansfield count in Nottinghamshire seemed surprised by the Conservative candidate Ben Bradley's shock win - even the returning officer.

After taking to the stage, she mistakenly declared Labour's candidate, Sir Alan Meale, had been elected.

After cheers and shouts from onlookers, and smiles from the candidates behind her as she realised her error, she first put her hand to her mouth before saying: "I'm so sorry, I declare that Benjamin David Bradley has been elected and I do apologise."

A nice welcome home?

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Clever

A demonstrator joined the gaggle of people at the end of Downing Street, waiting for Theresa May to return from her meeting with the Queen. He'd kindly brought this "leuser" sign along.

Corbyn fashion

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Image caption A Labour supporter in Birmingham wears her heart on her sleeve. Or Corbyn's face on her legs

If you're concerned wearing a rosette won't quite convey your political colours, why not take a leaf out of this Corbyn-supporter's book? A pair of brightly-coloured leggings will set you back about £30. They're also available with the faces of Donald Trump and François Hollande,

Political art

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Image caption Would this look nice on your wall?

Political artist Kaya Mar wields a painting of Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox. Not sure why the men appear to be naked.

A fish finger in Westmorland and Lonsdale

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Mr Fishfinger (left) stood in the Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency in Cumbria

Independent candidate for Cumbria's Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency Paul Ellis, also known as Mr Fish Finger, puts a cheery thumbs up at Kendal Leisure Centre at the Westmorland and Lonsdale count.

He managed to win 309 votes, prompting international bafflement. A tweet from Spain said:" ¿Por qué tan poquitos?" or "why so few?"

Why indeed.

The real bosses of Downing Street

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Larry the Downing Street cat is unmoved by the political shockwaves inside number 10
Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption While Palmerston, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office cat, takes it all in his stride

Understandably, the street on the day after an election is a hive of activity, with the media gathered outside Number 10. Less frenzied are the two resident cats - Larry from the prime minister's abode and Palmerston from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

No matter the outcome of the election and who's in power, the cats remain in their homes. They just have a change of staff.

Larry has even been tweeting:

Image copyright Twitter

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