Southern Rail work experience Eddie: 'I'm just being me'

Work experience teen Eddie mans Southern Rail twitter account Image copyright @SouthernRailUK
Image caption "It's definitely been enjoyable, I can tell you that for a fact," said Eddie

Eddie, the work experience teen who took over Southern Rail's Twitter feed on Tuesday, says his new-found fame is an experience he will "carry with me for the rest of my life".

The company earlier posted a picture of the 15-year-old manning the account for a second day.

Instead of the usual complaints, he has been asked questions about duck-sized horses and how to make tea.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 earlier, Eddie said: "I was just being me".

Talking to Scott Mills about the sensation caused by his tweets, he added: "I just tried to be myself and everything just turned out as it has.

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Image caption Some did question whether Eddie really is who he says he is

"It's definitely been enjoyable, I can tell you that for a fact. Last week I was answering some tweets with guidance from the social team and so yesterday was the time I put myself out there and just said 'hello this is me'.

"It's been amazing, it's been an experience which I will carry with me for the rest of my life."

He thanked Twitter users who were "nice and forthcoming" but conceded some of the questions directed to him were "very strange".

"One of my favourites was somebody asking me what he should have for tea, Thai curry or chicken fajitas.

"Well, it's got to be chicken fajitas doesn't it?"

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Image caption Eddie took on controversial issues, which have caused great debate for generations

The furore has transformed the usual fury-filled Southern Rail Twitter feed, where commuters complain of delayed and cancelled services. There has also been a bitter dispute over the role of guards which has affected Southern passengers for more than a year.

Mills said the youngster was "winning at life", taking to the front line of social media while most people spend their work experience photocopying.

Comparing the teen to "the new Ask Jeeves", Mills also toyed with the idea of hiring him for an occasional Radio 1 feature, Ask Eddie.

Eddie said he is not sure on his dream job at the moment, he "just wants to see what interests" him and pursue that when the day comes.

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