Woman from Worcestershire celebrates 111th birthday

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Grace Jones
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Grace Jones is the UK's sixth oldest person

A woman celebrating her 111th birthday says having fun and not worrying is her secret to feeling young.

"I like to enjoy myself," said Grace Jones, who is the sixth oldest person in the UK. "I don't sit and knit."

"I never worry if anything happens, I just let it go over. Don't worry - it keeps you younger," she said.

On her 109th birthday Mrs Jones warmed hearts when she confessed: "I don't drink but I have a little drop of whisky every night."

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Grace Jones said she preferred a drop of whisky to the fizzy stuff

"She is always looking for the action," said her daughter Deirdre McCarthy.

"Sometimes I'll call her nursing home to see how she is and she's scooted off to the lounge to see what's going on."

Mrs Jones, from Broadway in Worcestershire, is the oldest person in her county and has received her eighth birthday card from the Queen.

After she turned 100, Buckingham Palace wrote to Mrs Jones to tell her that the next birthday card from the Queen would arrive when she was 105, said Mrs McCarthy.

"She looked up and said 'I can wait', and she has," she said.

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Friends and family sang Happy Birthday as they celebrated with a meal in Broadway

Mrs Jones said she enjoyed dancing, parties and being surrounded by the countryside.

"I like meeting people," she said.

"Some people are so miserable aren't they? I can't understand them. They'll say, 'oh dear, I'll just stay home' but I like to enjoy myself."

She is not the first Grace Jones to be blessed with longevity as she shares a name with the former UK's oldest person who died aged 113 in 2013.