Frosty weather: Photographers snap wintry scenes around England

A frosty river in Hungerford Image copyright Ken Rayner
Image caption A scene fit for a Christmas card in chilly Hungerford

Never mind de-icer or a windscreen scraper, the first thing the people of England reached for this frosty morning was a camera.

BBC Weather Watchers captured an array of frost-kissed scenes and reported temperatures as low as -5C (23F).

It was a bright but bracing start for most and the result was a stunning selection of images from around the country.

Frost patterns Image copyright Poppy
Image caption "Loving the frost patterns this morning," said Poppy from Stapleton, Shropshire
Sheep in the mist in Bashall Eaves Image copyright Jeff
Image caption Ewe must be freezing: Jeff braved temperatures of -5C to capture these sheep in Bashall Eaves, Lancashire
A frost covered plant in Kegworth Image copyright Scrappy
Image caption Ice is nice: A frost-covered plant in Kegworth, Leicestershire
Cows in a field in Chesham Image copyright Andy J
Image caption We're not moo-ving: The -1C (30F) chill didn't seem to bother these guys in Chesham, Buckinghamshire
Rowers on a lake in Twickenham as the sun rises Image copyright Ruthiebabes
Image caption Water beauty: Ruthiebabes described this shot in Twickenham as "a very beautiful wintry sunrise"

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A dandelion in a frosty field Image copyright ukstreets
Image caption An un-brrr-lievable dandelion in a frosty field in Kettering
Frosty blades grass in Shropshire Image copyright Liam Ball
Image caption These blades of grass in Shropshire make a good frost impression
Frost-kissed fields at Beacon Hill, Lickey Image copyright Snap Happy
Image caption Frost-kissed fields at Beacon Hill, Lickey
Hampton Court Image copyright Hampton Court Lady
Image caption The mercury dropped to -1C (30F) in Hampton Court


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