Boardmasters is off but festival vibes go on

Fin Wallace Image copyright Fin Wallace
Image caption Fin Wallace wrote a song to convey his disappointment at the cancellation of Boardmasters

Boardmasters has been called off but the festival feeling is still going strong. One group of music lovers have said they are trying to "smile through the pain". Others have moved the party to social media and promised to "keep the good vibes going".

Jess Smith, 20, from Plymouth said she was "obviously disappointed" when the music festival in Newquay was cancelled but was staying upbeat.

Her friend Courtney Clark, 19, tweeted that she would be wearing her disappointment with style.

Finlay Smith, 17, travelled from Sussex with a group of friends the day before the five-day festival was meant to start.

"Altogether it was a 10-hour journey," he said.

"We got here and didn't manage to find anywhere to stay so we had to roam the streets all night.

"We are meeting other people in the same situation and trying to smile through the pain. We are a little community down here."

Image copyright Finlay Smith
Image caption Finlay Smith and his friends are trying to smile through the pain

Fin Wallace, 16, from Truro, said he had written a song "to express what everyone else was feeling".

"I was up until 03:00 BST talking to my mates about it and one of them messaged me and said 'you should write a song about it'.

"I thought that was a pretty good idea so about 09:00 I sat in bed with my laptop and wrote it in about 45 minutes.

"Then I recorded it my studio - well it's literally some green fabric and studio lights."

Maisie Olah, 19, from Shrewsbury, said: "Last night I went with my dad and bought loads of cereal bars, tinned fruit and tinned tuna lunches that look like like cat food.

"So at least I'll have exciting lunches at work for a few days.

"I absolutely love Florence + The Machine so I'm going to sit watching YouTube videos of her with my bucket hat on crying."

Tom Collins, 20, from Maidstone, tweeted a video of his reaction after driving through the night to find the festival was off.

"We're praying that our favourite Cornish duo Hedluv + Passman set up a back-up gig," he said.

"But we've been recommend some pubs...and been told to check out the Morrison's."

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