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Bedfordshire drug addict jailed after failing to reform

A 31-year-old Bedfordshire man who funded his drug addiction by theft and burglary has been jailed for 30 months.

Wayne Carass, of Clydesdale Road, Luton, had "blown many chances" to conquer his addiction, Judge Jeffrey Burke QC said.

At Luton Crown Court he admitted one house burglary, four commercial burglaries and three counts of theft.

Judge Burke said magistrates and another judge had given him chances to beat his addiction.

But he said: "You have been given chance after chance and blew it.

"To your credit you are not asking me to give you another chance today."

Prosecutor Tom Elmer catalogued the offences and the chances Carass had been given.

The court also heard he did not keep appointments with the assessment team and was arrested on 16 August for allegedly breaching his bail, which he denied.

Satya Chotalia, mitigating, said: "He is under no illusion that he is going to receive any sympathy from the court.

"He now feels that the only way he will get free of drugs is while in custody."

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