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Three jailed for 'vicious' attack in Luton

Three men who kicked a man in the face and robbed him of £4 have each been jailed for four and a half years.

Vasile Tofanescu, 28, Adrian Adochi, 24, and Ioan Rostas, 20, all of Waller Avenue, Luton, admitted the robbery, which happened in Mill Street, Luton.

Judge John Bevan, at Luton Crown Court, said their behaviour was "uncivilised, grotesque, wanton and vicious".

Their defence lawyer said they worked as car washers sending money home to their families in Romania.

Judge Bevan said: "Those who come and live here from abroad have an added duty to behave within the law and show respect for the citizens of the country of their choice.

"You opted deliberately to ignore your privileged position and showed contempt for your victim.

"Your behaviour towards that harmless man was to launch an unprovoked, cowardly joint attack on him with the twin purpose of robbery and violence for the sheer hell of it.

"He thought he was going to be killed. You will be deported at the end of your sentence."

Sean Sullivan, prosecuting, played CCTV footage from the attack, which happened in the early hours of 19 October this year.

Jason Conroy, 29, was punched, knocked to the ground, kicked and his pockets were searched.

'Fuelled by bravado'

His trainers were removed and then Adochi kicked him again fully in the face.

They were arrested almost immediately, having taken £4 in cash and the shoes.

William Walsh, defending, said: "They each know they will be going home at the end of their sentence.

"They express remorse and disgust at their own actions. It was out of character and fuelled by alcohol and bravado on the spur of the moment.

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