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Hertfordshire checks reveal child seatbelt hazards

More than half of the children in vehicles stopped by police in a Hertfordshire town last week were not using the correct seatbelts.

Police and officials from Hertfordshire County Council carried out the checks in Cambridge Road, Hitchin.

They stopped 29 vehicles and in 16 of them children were incorrectly restrained.

The checks showed they were not in proper child seats, booster seats or using the right seatbelt, police said.

Nine adults were not wearing seatbelts and one person was fined £60 and received three points on their licence for using a mobile phone while driving.

Another car was seized because the driver was found to be a learner who was not supervised or displaying L plates.

The driver was also fined £60 and got three points on their licence.

Raise awareness

Sgt Neil Emmerson, of Hertfordshire police, said: "These checks were designed to raise awareness about the importance of making sure children are kept safe when they are travelling in vehicles.

"It's imperative that everyone who travels in vehicles wear seatbelts - but it is an adult's role to take responsibility for children's safety.

"Specifically, if the passenger is under 14, the driver can be prosecuted if the child is not wearing a seatbelt or is properly secured. From the age of 14 upwards, the passenger becomes liable.

"Officers can issue financial penalties for failing to comply with this.

"On this occasion, we wanted to educate motorists about the dangers.

"It's a particularly important message at this time of year when snow and ice can make driving more hazardous."

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