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New drive for 37-year-old murder

image captionGlenis Carruthers was found strangled to death after leaving a party in 1974
The hunt for the killer of a Bedford student 37 years ago has been given new momentum by the Jo Yeates murder case in Bristol.
Cold case detectives are taking a fresh look at the murder of Glenis Carruthers, 20, strangled on 19 January 1974 after leaving a party in Clifton.
She travelled that night from where she was studying in Bedford to a friend's house for a 21st birthday party.
Her body was found near Clifton Downs - streets from where Jo Yeates lived.
Miss Carruthers was strangled to death near Clifton Downs close to the junction of Guthrie Road and College Road in Clifton.
A police spokeswoman said: "The investigation remains ongoing into the death of Joanna Yeates and is not being linked to any other murder in the Avon and Somerset area.
"But it is routine procedure for information to be looked at in any crime if new information comes to light."
About 16,000 people were interviewed in connection with the student teacher's murder in 1974 but no-one has ever been convicted.
The Glenis Carruthers case was originally reopened early in 2010 by a cold case review team.

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