Easyjet aircraft coating bid to save fuel

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A budget airline has sprayed eight aircraft with a special coating in a bid to make savings which it pledges to pass on to customers.

Luton-based Easyjet is using an ultra-thin coating, developed for US military aircraft, which prevents particles bonding on its surface.

It adds 4oz (36 grammes) to the weight but prevents dust and debris build-up.

Easyjet says the surface will reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency by up to 2%.

The airline will compare fuel consumption with the rest of the fleet over a 12-month trial period.

Chief executive Carolyn McCall said: "If we can find new ways of reducing the amount of fuel used by our aircraft we can pass the benefits on to our customers."

She also encouraged all airlines to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and welcomed the government's commitment to a fairer, greener tax on aircraft.

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