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Naked burglar fails to get jail sentence overturned

A naked burglar who broke into the homes of two families has failed to persuade judges that his indefinite jail term was unfair.

Kumar Suleman, 30, of Bolingbroke Road, Luton, was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection at Luton Crown Court in May 2008.

He had admitted burglary, exposure and trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence.

Judges at the Court of Appeal in London refused to overturn the sentence.

Suleman was discovered by a startled householder in his bathroom on a night in October 2007, wearing only a bra he had stolen from one of the householder's daughters.

Sleeping couple

He then made a sexual comment to a man in the house.

Suleman was draped in a dressing gown and the police were called. But just days later, he committed an almost identical offence, having been released on bail.

The court heard that during the second incident, Suleman had got into bed naked with a sleeping couple and spent several hours lying with them until the woman was alerted to his presence at about 0600 GMT.

Upon being discovered, he told the man his name was "Olivia" and that he was "his friend".

On Tuesday he asked Lord Justice Aikens, Mrs Justice Rafferty and Mrs Justice Thirlwall to overturn the open-ended sentence, claiming he had been wrongly categorised as a dangerous offender.

Suleman had been under the influence of cocaine when he committed the offences, Mrs Justice Rafferty said.

Dismissing his appeal, the judge added: "We are not persuaded that the judge fell into error in finding that statutory dangerousness was made out.

"He based his finding on the guilty plea, and there is not better concession than that."

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