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Motorists at M1 junction 12 'will get used to new layout'

Motorists confused by the new road layout at Junction 12 of the M1 in Bedfordshire "will get used to it", says the Highways Agency.

The old southbound slip road was closed on Tuesday night and motorists now have to turn on to the motorway in the opposite direction.

The change caused long tailbacks at the junction on Tuesday morning.

The Highways Agency said it was "counter-intuitive", but a "massive improvement" on the old layout.

The changes, which are part of the long-running roadworks between Junctions 10 and 13, mean that motorists coming from the Flitwick direction now need to turn right to get on to the M1 southbound and those coming from Toddington direction need to turn left.

Confused motorists

Following reports of driver confusion, Mick Barton from the Highways Agency confirmed that it had already revisited the site to check that all the signs were correct and that signs warning of changes to the junction layout were in the right place.

"It is always difficult when it's a familiar route, you are used to going a certain way and then overnight things are different, but this is how it will now be," he said.

"Everyone will get used to it, once they have used this route regularly.

"The new slip road actually loops round and goes back under the road to get on to the M1 southbound, which gives you much better access to the motorway, but if you're not used to it and you are not reading the signs then there is a risk that you'll miss it."

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