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'Cat burglar' Denis steals clothes from neighbours

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Media captionDenis brings the items back as a gift to his owner Lesley Newman

A Bedfordshire cat has become a celebrity after stealing clothes and other items from neighbours.

Denis, a two-year-old black and white cat, has stolen underwear, shoes, shirts, paintbrushes and even a doll.

He brings them all back to his embarrassed owner Lesley Newman at her home in Luton.

Videos of Denis in action have helped the pilfering puss become a hit on the web, with his own Facebook page, Twitter account and T-shirt range.

Denis' crime spree began at the age of just six months, a week after he was let out of the house for the first time.

"I noticed some clothes lying about and a piece from the local paper, which someone had screwed up," said Mrs Newman.

Image caption Denis' crime spree began at the age of six months

"A week later he brought home a Barbie doll. He either leaves things in the front room or brings them up to me in bed.

"He will come to my side of the bed and scream until I acknowledge what he has brought in. It's like 'Hello, I've brought you a present.'"

Boxer shorts

In the past week alone, Dennis has brought home a sock, towel, face cloth, glove and a motorcycle crash helmet bag.

Mrs Newman keeps all the items Denis steals in two boxes in case neighbours come to ask for their property back.

The most expensive item Denis has stolen is a Fred Perry polo shirt, which has still not been claimed by its owner.

"A few people have knocked on the door to ask if Denis has stolen their things, but thankfully no-one has been angry yet," said Mrs Newman, an accounts assistant.

Denis has a particular fondness for stealing men's underwear. "He doesn't do briefs - only boxers," she said.

The feline felon also features on his own range of T-shirts, which read: "Denis stole my pants".

Profits from the sale of the T-shirts go to Homeless Cat Rescue Bedfordshire, and the charity also benefits from advertising revenue from Denis' YouTube channel, which shows him in action.

So far the channel has been viewed nearly 400,000 times.

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