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Stanstead Abbotts man's delight with titanium cranium

Lee Charie before and after skull surgery
Image caption Lee Charie has successfully had a metal plate implanted in his head

A man who had a large chunk of his skull removed after a balcony fall says he cannot believe how good he feels after having the damage repaired.

Doctors in Thailand cut out a portion from Lee Charie's head to relieve his brain after the fall on holiday.

But just over a year on, the 32-year-old from Hertfordshire has had a metal plate fitted, and hopes that his new look can help him to find a wife.

Image caption Lee Charie with a 3D model of his skull that was used as a mould

"It is what it is - it has fixed me," he said.

Mr Charie, from Stanstead Abbots, said he could not remember falling off the hotel balcony in Koh Tao in December 2012.

But after waking up to see part of his skull missing, he said he cried for two weeks.

He recovered in hospital for a month, and then took his skull-part home in a polystyrene box in the hope that UK surgeons might piece his head back together.

Specialists were able to create a 3D mould from the bone that was then used to make a titanium plate to fit his head.

Describing the difference the metal plate has made to his life, Mr Charie said: "I couldn't believe how good I felt.

"Even the way I'm thinking and see things and understand things - I don't know how or why but it (the plate) really helps, it really does."

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