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St Albans sinkhole ground 'still moving', engineers say

Fontmell Close sinkhole
Image caption The 33ft (10m) deep crater appeared eight days ago in Fontmell Close

Engineers working at the St Albans sinkhole have revealed the ground is still moving and cracks are appearing.

The 33ft (10m) deep crater appeared eight days ago in Fontmell Close, and nearly 7,000 tonnes of concrete has been pumped into it.

Hertfordshire County Council has said tests are under way to see if there are any more cavities.

It is unable to say if there has been further movement without looking at the results of that monitoring work.

Dozens of residents have been unable to move back into their homes. Some are angry that a smaller hole reported previously had not been filled in.

"The neighbour whose house it was outside was concerned and was chasing for some action and not getting an awful lot," said David Walker, who lives on the street.

Council spokesman Rob Smith said: "Safety is our priority and we think we are a long way towards achieving that. We need to know what's going on in the surrounding ground.

"We've already started doing non-intrusive radar-type surveys of the road to see if there's anything else that might possibly happen."

Image caption Residents are unable to move back to their homes
Image caption Further cracks have opened up

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