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'Treasure' time capsule boy disappointed at early find

'There should be a tape recording of myself in this treasure' Image copyright Maja Sobieska
Image caption Coins, stamps and a recording are among the items of "treasure" in the box

The man behind a 1981 "treasure" time capsule says he initially hoped it would not be found for 200 years.

Paul Le Vallois, now 49, said he had forgotten about the cache and was "gobsmacked" to learn of its discovery in Welwyn, Herfordshire.

The contents included a handwritten letter, stamps, coins and a tape recording he made 36 years ago.

The electronic engineer was tipped off about the find by a friend who spotted an appeal to find him on Facebook.

Mr Le Vallois, who now lives 20 miles away in Arlesey, admitted that it was not the only capsule he buried as a 13-year-old around his former home.

Exchanged numbers

"I was influenced by Blue Peter at the time," he said.

"It was doing a time capsule. There are quite a few of them there and also round the corner at my nan's.

"I've put much the same things in the others - there are postage stamps under the kitchen floor, which my dad concreted over."

The box also contains "typical 1981 electronic components", empty jars and bottles, stamps - and a cassette containing a "tape recording of myself".

Image copyright Maja Sobieska

Mr Le Vallois said he'd even wrapped the tape especially to prevent water getting in.

He has now exchanged numbers with the family and wants to show them pictures of the house he grew up in.

"I'm gobsmacked as I'd forgotten about it and I was hoping they would last 200 years," he said.

"I had a spate of burying time capsules in 1981 for a couple of weeks. There are five or six altogether - including around the corner.

"I think I buried a complete radio in one of them."

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Image copyright Maja Sobieska
Image copyright Maja Sobieska

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