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Muntjac deer 'comes a cropper' in Hertfordshire garden

wedged deer Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption Oh deer! The muntjac became wedged down the side of a garden shed

A young muntjac deer had to be rescued after it became trapped in a desperate bid to flee a garden.

The animal was heard howling "in distress" after becoming wedged down the side of a shed in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

The homeowners had spotted the deer in their garden on Tuesday but let it be, thinking the creature would be able to make its own way out.

An RSCPA officer eventually managed to free the deer unharmed.

Animal collection officer Kate Wright said the muntjac had "come a cropper" at the property in Stanborough Green.

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"I've rescued a few deer in my time as an officer for the charity, so I know how stressed these wild animals get when they become stuck like this," she said.

"I rushed to the property and the homeowners showed me into the garden, where the poor little deer was stuck.

"It looks like when he tried to jump the fence on his way out he didn't quite make it, and tumbled backwards, falling down the narrow gap between the shed and fence.

"He was on his back with his side wedged under the shed, calling very loudly in distress."

Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption The animal made a bolt for freedom after being released by an RSPCA officer

The officer covered the deer's head with a towel to keep the animal calm and checked it for injury. She said she watched the deer run off once it was released.

Muntjac are a small species of deer and are not native to the UK.

They were brought from China and introduced to Woburn Park in Bedfordshire in 1838, where they thrived.

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