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Victorian geography books reunited with descendants

David Newton (left), Lesley Handly (middle) and Danny Curran of Finders International (right) Image copyright Finders International
Image caption The books were reunited with Lucy Dobel's grandson David Newton (left)

Geography books belonging to four girls in the 1880s have been reunited with their descendents.

The two bound titles dating back to 1888 were bought by a collector at a book stall in Oxfordshire.

They feature delicate pencil drawings and homework exercises within the pages, with the names Ada, Lucy, Ethel and Lily Dobel inscribed inside.

Lucy's grandson David Newton, from Tring in Hertfordshire, was traced and the books have been given to him.

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Private collector Lesley Handly, from Banbury, said: "We have enjoyed the books and have kept them in good condition.

"But we wanted locate the descendants because these books shed a lovely light on the personal lives of the girls at that time."

Image copyright Finders International/Cloud Nine PR
Image caption The two bound titles date back to 1888
Image copyright Finders International/Cloud Nine PR
Image caption She enlisted the help of specialist probate genealogists to help her trace the family

It was discovered the four children who owned the books were the daughters of a vicar.

Ms Handly enlisted the help of genealogists Finders International and BBC Heir Hunters' Danny Curran to trace the girls' descendants.

The researchers discovered Lucy was born in Shropshire, then moved to London and had three children.

Image copyright Finders International/Cloud Nine PR
Image caption The books feature pencil drawings and homework exercises by the four girls

Her daughter Enid, who was born in Lewisham, first married Thomas Maddock in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

In 1948, she married her second husband Brian Newton in Hertfordshire.

Her grandson David Newton said her remembers his grandmother cycling on her tricycle and sitting by the fireside with her two cats.

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