Stevenage car cruise: Injured bystander 'bored without work'

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Rhys HuntImage source, Rhys Hunt
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Rhys Hunt was in hospital for more than two weeks and underwent surgery for his injuries

A bystander hurt after being run over at a car cruising event said he is "bored" of being unable to work.

Rhys Hunt, 21, was one of 18 people injured at the charity gathering in Stevenage in July.

The manual labourer spent two months in a wheelchair and said he had suffered a "tough" few months regarding money.

He believes he may have "played more video games than in my whole life" since the crash but expects to be back at work in the New Year.

Mr Hunt, from Hatfield, was standing in the central reservation area of Monkswood Way with his girlfriend and a friend during the event on 18 July.

Video footage shows two cars colliding at a junction and then one striking people standing at the roadside, while the other hits spectators in the central reservation.

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Rhys Hunt was at the meeting with his girlfriend Maya, who was also hit but sustained minor injuries

All of the injured people had been released from hospital three weeks afterwards, and Mr Hunt has previously said he felt everyone involved in the crash was "lucky to be alive".

Five months on he said that while he has "sorted" his initial struggle to pay bills, "boredom" was becoming a problem.

"Ever since I got my first job, I'm so used to waking up in a morning, going to work, coming home and relaxing," he said.

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Footage shows moment of Stevenage car cruise crash

Mr Hunt said recently he tried to do some sanding on his girlfriend's floor but when he stood up afterwards he "had no weight bearing on my right leg at all".

He is now taking legal action against the driver that hit him, and if successful, said he would give some money "to people who have helped me in my wheelchair, people that have helped for me while I have been in need".

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