Funding fears for Wokingham jobless support group

A charity which provides support for people out of work says it fears it will lose some of its funding from a cash-strapped council.

Wokingham Job Support Centre says it has helped about 7,000 people get jobs since it was set up in 1992.

But it fears its funding will be cut by the borough council, which is currently assessing where it can make savings.

The centre now hopes to attract private investment. The council said no decisions had been made on grants.

'Prudent organisation'

Fundraising manager Ellison Withe told BBC News: "We are very fortunate we get funding from Wokingham Borough Council and parish councillors but we are very conscious with [the] cutbacks [that] we can't guarantee that the level of funding will carry on at this current level in the future.

"As a prudent organisation, we [want to] continue to provide what we regard as a vital service to the local unemployed.

"We are in the process of doing a pilot fundraising activity with the top 20 companies which we have identified as having a chance of success [with]."

In a statement, the borough council said: "In this climate we are reviewing all of our grants and have explained this process to all voluntary and community groups.

"No decisions have been taken at this stage, including support to Wokingham Job Support Centre."

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