Reading's weekly bin collections return for 2,000 homes

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Weekly bin collections could return for nearly 2,000 residents in Reading, pending a consultation with residents.

However, weekly collections for the whole borough have been ruled out due to cost.

The council will ask people to switch to using sacks and reintroduce weekly collections in the 47 streets where bins have caused access problems.

The council says it can introduce a weekly rubbish collection for these 2,000 homes at no extra cost.

Blocked streets

According to the cabinet meeting agenda, terraced areas with bins outside have been causing access problems.

Wheelie bins on footpaths have been obstructing pedestrians, particularly those with pushchairs or wheelchairs.

Binmen have also been finding it difficult to collect rubbish from small front gardens without causing damage, and some streets are also regularly inaccessible to their rubbish collection vehicles due to parked cars.

However a weekly collection for the whole borough would cost £1.5m and would not represent "value for money", the council said.

The consultation will take place at the end of May. If residents agree with the proposal, weekly collections are planned to begin in the summer.

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