Thatcham lakes angler's fears after mugging

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An angler who was robbed and left tied up for more than an hour near a Berkshire lake has said he might never go fishing again.

Neil Denton was near the water at the Nature Discovery Centre, Thatcham, near Newbury, when he was confronted by three men in an early-morning attack.

The 60-year-old was tied up and thrown into a ditch before the robbers made off with his angling equipment.

Mr Denton was found more than an hour later by a woman walking her dog.

The carp specimen fisherman said he was struggling to sleep at night following the frightening ordeal, which happened last Friday at about 0500 BST.


Mr Denton said he noticed another vehicle turning up at the lake, near Muddy Lane, while he was undoing the locks of the gate.

"I then saw another person to my right, I said 'Good morning' and then next thing I'm jumped from behind, I'm bear-hugged by someone quite strong," he said.

"I was then put to the ground, tied up, legs then my hand and trussed together and thrown into a ditch by the side and given a kicking.

"I think the worst thing was waiting for someone to find me; I was tied up for about an hour-and-a-half."

Mr Denton said he did not know if he would return to the lake to carry out his beloved pastime.

"The problem I have got now, I need to know why did they tie me up, why they gave me a kicking?

"I'm probably never going to get the answers to that but that's the bit that I'm struggling to come to terms with."

Witnesses are being urged to contact police.

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