Langley family's empty home is reclaimed from squatters

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A Berkshire woman says her family's house is in a "terrible state" after being occupied by squatters for months.

A group of men moved into the Langley three-bedroom house owned by Joy McCabe and her family in August.

It had been empty for two years after it failed to sell following the death of Mrs McCabe's mother.

The family gained access to the house on Wednesday with the help of bailiffs and locksmiths, having taken legal action to obtain a court order.

The squatters had already left the property, but had left lights on and a radio playing.

'Very sad'

Mrs McCabe said the smell in the house was "unbelievable".

"It was awful. Very sad."

Mrs McCabe also reported finding piles of rubbish, blood on a pillow and needles in the garden and the house.

She said the neighbours had heard children in the house.

Mrs McCabe said she had been quoted £1,500 to clean the house after the squatters had been there.

Thames Valley police confirmed they had been contacted about the squatters on two occasions, but said they could not intervene as it was a "civil matter".

Officers said the men claimed to have rented the house from a third party.

Slough Borough Council also said it could not intervene on a civil matter.

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