Locks Ride play park group wins court battle

Campaigners fighting to save a play park in Berkshire have defeated court action by residents who complained about noise and wanted the park closed.

District Judge Andrew Vickers at Reading Magistrates' Court ruled against a group of 13 households near Locks Ride Playing Fields.

They complained Winkfield Parish Council's new splash park created too much noise.

Judge Vickers disagreed and ordered them to pay council costs of £18,000.

Resident Roger Price, who lives next to the park and was involved in the £30,000 case, said he was very disappointed with the ruling.

"It was incredibly hard to load us with the costs because that implies it was a flippant claim which wasn't the case at all," he said.

Aircraft noise

Liz Hendricks, a mother who campaigned to protect the £150,000 park, said it was the hub of the community.

"To be perfectly honest the aircraft noise and the noise of the traffic is far louder than the children in the park.

"I hope it's the end of it. We are thrilled with the judge's ruling," she said.

But Mr Price said the decision to build the park last year was made without proper consultation or planning permission.

Winkfield Parish Council has a retrospective planning application for the engineering works at the play park lodged with Bracknell Forest Council.

The application was made a number of months after the play park was completed.

Mr Price said because he was complaining against a children's playground the noise complaint had been on "a hiding to nothing to start with".

The Support Locks Ride Play Park Facebook group, which was set up in response to the legal action, has nearly 3,500 members.

Mr Price, who has lived in the area for more than 30 years, said: "It's great living near a play park, it's not so great living next to a play park."

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