Shakespearean notepad stuns Antiques Roadshow expert

media captionWatch as a man brings an incredible document to the Antiques Roadshow team in Berkshire

A 17th century Shakespearean notebook with "enormous scholarly value" has been described as one of the most remarkable items to ever feature on the Antiques Roadshow.

The tiny pad, featuring "scientific scholarly notes" written during the Bard's lifetime, left manuscripts specialist Matthew Haley "trembling".

The notebook is believed to have come from the collection of 18th Century antiquarian John Loveday of Caversham.

It will be shown on Sunday's episode.

The book was found by the five times great grandson of Loveday among his mother's belongings.

Mr Haley said it included detailed notes in Latin and suggested the jottings could have been the work of a student analysing the playwright's work.

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image captionThe tiny pad features "scientific scholarly notes" written during the Bard's lifetime

"There is so much research that can be done on this item," said Mr Haley, who appraised the item at Caversham Park in Berkshire.

"It's amazing, it's almost completely illegible, but you can pick out the odd word, and you can pick out phrases that appear in Shakespeare."

He said it was "one of the best things" he had seen on the programme "by a fairly good stretch".

"I was completely knocked for six," he added.

The estimated value of the notebook will be revealed on Sunday's show, which will be broadcast at 20:00 on BBC One.