Berkshire fire service survey: More than 1,000 responses

Pangbourne fire station
Image caption The options include proposals to permanently close Pangbourne station

A consultation on plans to cut the number of fire stations in Berkshire has attracted more than 1,000 responses.

The county's fire authority has put seven options to the public as it seeks to save an initial £1.4m.

They include proposals to permanently close Pangbourne and Wargrave stations, and to keep Windsor station shut overnight.

A decision will be announced on 18 April.

More than 70% of respondents supported options that would keep both Pangbourne and Wargrave stations open.

The fire authority also received a 245-signature petition specifically opposing the closure of Wargrave station.

Councillor Emma Webster, West Berkshire Council's lead member for integrated risk management, told the BBC that Berkshire "will remain safe" despite the possible cuts.

She said: "When [residents] pick up the phone to dial 999 they will get the service they expect in a prompt and timely manner."

The consultation was launched last year after the fire authority revealed it needed to save £2.4m by 2020, from its current budget of £33m.

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