'Car blockade' to keep travellers out in Berkshire

Wellington Court
Image caption Wellington Court is a private road in Berkshire

A group of neighbours have been "patrolling night and day" in a bid to stop travellers parking on their road.

Residents in Wellington Court, a private road in Spencers Wood, Berkshire, created a blockade with their cars after a man said he saw vehicles pulling caravans entering.

Joy Moffat, who has lived in the area for 43 years, said blocking the drive was the "only step to take".

Thames Valley Police said there was no ongoing investigation at the location.

Wokingham District Council was contacted for comment, but declined due to the issue being on private land.

Mrs Moffat said neighbours of the 30 houses in the area had set up a rota for patrols and questioned strangers before granting them access.

"Everybody has been fantastic, they have been patrolling the drive night and day which is so admirable," she added.

Image caption Joy Moffat and other residents have been patrolling the drive to their homes day and night

Mrs Moffat said one resident started the blockade when he turned into the road and "noticed all the caravans behind him".

"It's the only step to take, the council won't do anything because this is private land. The police can't do anything," she added.

Ms Moffat said travellers had previously stopped on the road for two weeks in January and left a "terrible mess".

"It's a ridiculous situation," she said. "The law needs to be changed, it's just diabolical."

Last year, residents in Theale, Berkshire, dug their own ditch to prevent travellers returning to a field after 22 unauthorised encampments in a month.

MP Alok Sharma previously called for trespass to become a criminal offence, saying illegal encampments had become an "increasing problem" in parts of Berkshire.

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