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Morrisons petrol station issues wrong fuel

Motorists at a filling station in the West Midlands ended up with the wrong fuel in their tanks after a mix-up by suppliers.

Petrol was pumped into a diesel supply tank at the Morrisons station in Kingswinford, leading some drivers to break down after filling up.

One man, whose van had to be recovered, said he had seen about four AA recovery trucks at the scene on Tuesday evening.

Morrisons said all affected customers would be contacted.

One customer, Stewart Jones, realised something was wrong when his diesel card would not work in the station.

He said he had filled up his van with £83 of diesel.

"They said I had put petrol in, but I said I knew for a fact I had put diesel in.

"Within a few minutes there were about half a dozen people who had done exactly the same thing.

"Some of them had broken down," he said.

Robert Cartwright, who was affected, said it had taken him hours to get home after having to wait for his van to be recovered.

He added there had been a few broken down cars parked along nearby roads.

Tanks shut down

A spokesman for Morrisons said a small number of customers had been affected by an issue involving two pumps dispensing the incorrect fuel and said it was down to contractor error.

The incident took place between 1630 BST and 1730 BST, he added.

"As soon as we were made aware of the issue, the tanks were shut down and the problem has been investigated and will be fully rectified later today," he said.

Anyone affected should contact Morrisons' customer services or insurance department to pursue a claim.

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