Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes on signing The Carpels

image captionThe Carpels met each other at school

Birmingham band The Carpels has already got a pretty impressive looking CV.

They were spotted by The Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes and his business partner Ian Light who signed them up to their record label.

Their first recordings were produced by Jim Spencer, who has worked with musicians like New Order and The Cribs.

The band and Jon Brookes joined the BBC WM Introducing programme in the studio at the Mailbox for a live music session.

'New sound'

Jon Brookes said they spotted The Carpels at an Arcadian Kicks Syndicate Club Night.

"The Carpels came along and played and we're really into them and we just said come and play another gig and then it kind of snowballed from there," he said.

He added that it was the band's "energy" that appealed to them.

"It's a kind of new sound that we think is something that is really good and it's coming from Birmingham which is something that we're really interested in."

So interested that the band is now signed to label One Beat Records that was started by Jon Brookes and Ian Light in 2010.

Live session

The five-piece group made up of Michael, Dylan, Tom, Ewan and Jacob joined Louise Brierley and Brett Birks for the live session on BBC WM Introducing.

Dylan remembered Jon Brookes coming up to them at a gig and saying that he liked their music.

"It's all just gone from there really and he set us up in their recording studio," he said.

They turned up at Big Mushroom studios to lay down their first recordings which were produced by Jim Spencer.

"We were pretty blown away to be honest," Dylan said.

In terms of what's coming up, the band has a single out in May and Dylan said they'd hopefully got a few festivals lined up for the summer.