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Wolverhampton City Council completes data training after court threat

Wolverhampton City Council has completed its data protection training after being threatened with Contempt of Court action.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) had given the authority until the start of July to improve.

Its ruling came after a social worker sent out a report without omitting sensitive data about a recipient's sister.

The council said all 5,785 employees and 60 councillors have been trained.

Council leader Roger Lawrence said: "We have gone above and beyond what the ICO wanted us to do and hopefully that demonstrates how importantly the council takes the issue of data protection.

"Rather than simply getting staff to be trained in data protection, we have taken steps to embed the issue into the culture of the organisation."

The ICO Contempt of Court threat was issued in May after a series of warnings dating back more than two years.

Keith Ireland, the council's strategic director for delivery, said: "The council acknowledges that in the past it has not treated the protection of people's information as well as it should.

"However, we have ensured that all managers and employees now understand how vitally important data protection is.

"We have got all our workforce and elected members to complete training, we have also ensured that protecting information is at the top of the agenda in team meetings, in briefings with frontline staff, in our internal communications and in our staff inductions."

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