Stray Shar Pei dog mauls boy, 11, in Wolverhampton


An 11-year-old boy from Wolverhampton is recovering at home after being mauled on Christmas Day by a stray dog his family had taken in.

Finn O'Mahoney's family found the Chinese Shar Pei shivering in a doorway with no tags or collar on it.

They had it checked over by a vet and took it home.

But as Finn was watching TV with his family the dog launched itself at his face. It was later destroyed and Finn underwent plastic surgery.

'Head-butted me'

Finn, from Newhampton Road West, Whitmore Reans, had been watching the Coronation Street Christmas Special when the dog attacked.

He said: "I was just relaxed, nothing was going on. The dog was on the floor over by the fire.

"He just flew through the air and locked onto my face.

Image caption,
The dog had split paws and frost bite on its face when it was rescued by the O' Mahoney family

"When it happened I was expecting to wake up in my bed, all a dream.

"But it just felt like he headbutted me and spat in my face. I ran and there was blood everywhere and that's when I realised it had really happened."

The Shar Pei Club of Great Britain said historically the breed was used as a working dog in China and trained to herd, hunt and in some cases to fight.

Finn was badly cut on his cheek and under his jaw and was operated on at the city's New Cross Hospital.

His father Michael said their Christmas had been ruined by the attack and he wished he had never taken the dog in.

Wolverhampton City Council has advised anyone who finds a stray dog to report it to the council which has responsibility for animal welfare and specially trained dog teams to deal with them safely.

A council spokesman said: "If the dog in question has an identity tag, the council will attempt to get in touch with the owner prior to taking the animal into care."

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