Police escort lost wedding guests through Bath traffic


A family from Devon were given a police escort to a wedding after the party got "completely lost" in Bath.

Three car loads of the Hammond family were driving around the city looking for St Swithin's Church.

Aunt Wendy Rosenbaum, from Barnstaple, said the group flagged down a police car "in complete desperation".

"I just told the officer 'don't worry about directions, just take us there'. After going to two other churches we managed to find right one," she said.

"We'd set off in good time but couldn't find the church. We had the sat-nav on but it was sending us absolutely everywhere. We were completely lost.

'Wrong wedding'

"I explained (to the police officer) we were late and said 'don't bother with directions - just take us there' so he did.

"We turned up at the first church and saw some bridesmaids outside and thought 'great' but it was the wrong wedding.

"I told the officer it was St Swithin's not St Stephens. 'Ah' he said, "I know where that is' so we got there and it was deserted.

"Then we realised it was at Bathford and not Bath. We were there in no time and only 20 minutes late for Holly's wedding to Kevin."

The family did not have time to thank the officer but later e-mailed the force with the details to thank him.

PCSO Barrington Scott said: "The group were hopelessly lost and there was no way they would have been able to find their way to the church in time.

"I was just pleased I was able to help."

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