Children saved from incoming tide in Portishead

Two children have been rescued after they phoned for help when cut off by the incoming tide in North Somerset.

The children, thought to be aged about 12, phoned their parents who called the coastguard. They located the youngsters but could not reach them.

The Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat then managed to get close enough to save them on Thursday evening.

They were taken to Portishead Marina where they were reunited with their parents.

The youngsters were found half way between the marina and the Lake Grounds.

A lifeboat spokesman said the children had been "cold and frightened". Their parents are thought to have been at home when they called for help, he added.

'Lives saved'

He said: "They were reunited with their concerned, but now very relieved parents, who were very grateful for everyone's efforts in saving their children."

Coastguards at Swansea logged the incident as two lives saved, he added.

Lifeboat helmsman Andy Phillips said: "I think they were local kids, they knew the area. They were just unlucky they were on a very high spring tide.

"They did the right thing and luckily they didn't attempt to swim. If they had, it would have been a very different situation."

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