Diver helps with proposal at Bristol aquarium

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The couple arrived just in time to see the sign go up

A young man took the plunge and proposed to his girlfriend with the help of a diver at Bristol's Blue Reef Aquarium.

Matthew Batts, 22, arranged for a sign saying "Rachael, Will you marry me?" to be placed in the aquarium's giant tropical ocean display.

Rachael McManus, 21, of Keynsham, Somerset, almost missed the proposal after being held up in the snow.

But she told Mr Batts, from Chippenham, "yes", as soon as she saw it.

The couple arrived just five minutes before diver Dan de Castro was due to put the sign in the aquarium.

"It's the first time I have been asked to help someone propose and I was quite nervous," Mr de Castro said.

"Thankfully it all went according to plan and Rachael was in just the right place when I held the sign up.

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The couple plan to marry on a beach

"Even through the glass and the water it was clear that she had said 'yes' and we could all breathe a sigh of relief."

Mr Batts said: "Rachael works as an animal carer for the Bath Cats and Dogs Home and she has always loved all types of animals.

"I wanted to propose somewhere which was a bit different and in a way we would both always remember.

"She was shocked to say the least. She didn't see it coming and I was very happy when she gave me the instant answer of 'yes'."

The couple met at college and have been together for four and a half years.

They plan to get married within the next couple of years and want to continue the marine theme by getting married on a beach.