Campaigner claims road closure will make traffic worse

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Residents in the St Andrews area of Bristol say that a proposal to close a road will make traffic worse in neighbouring streets.

Bristol City Council wants to close Hurlingham Road which some motorists use as a rat-run to access Ashley Hill.

Campaigner Jill Woodley said the neighbouring Chesterfield and Sommerville Roads would become busier.

Councillor Jon Rogers said the quality of residents' lives were affected by motorists "fighting" on the road.

Ms Woodley said the changes would just "shift the problem".

"The council has admitted they know they is a problem already and closing the road is going to make the problem worse," she said.

"They've said they don't have the money to put any more improvements in place so they going to close these roads and leave the rest of these residents on the other streets for their problem to get even worse."

Ms Woodley's campaign has attracted more than 130 signatures on an e-petition.

Ward councillor Mr Rogers said the council would not ignore the residents and added that they may stipulate improvements on neighbouring roads before the scheme is approved.

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