Man stranded in Libya back in Stroud

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Ben Lydon said he was relieved to be back in the UK

A Gloucestershire man who fled Libya is back home in Stroud after a four-day journey.

Ben Lydon had been working as a translator in the crisis-hit country after graduating with a degree in Arabic.

He spent two days on a boat in Tripoli harbour before setting sail on a 10-hour journey to Malta.

He flew into Heathrow from the island on Saturday morning, before returning to Gloucestershire.

'Quite relieved'

Mr Lydon said: "On Wednesday afternoon we had planned to go to the airport, but we received a call from the British Embassy saying we should go to the port of Tripoli, not the airport because it was utter chaos.

"We got there and registered with the US Embassy and about three or four hours later we were on board this ferry.

"Once we were on the ferry we were told the weather was too bad for us to leave. We eventually left over two days later.

"I'm quite relieved to be back. I'm very tired because I haven't properly slept in about four or five days, but it's good to be back in the UK.

"I'm really concerned for my friends there because I haven't really seen the media in the past two to three days and have no idea what's going on in Tripoli."

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