Portishead Open Air Pool in restaurant business search

The bosses of an open-air pool are trying to find a new firm to run their restaurant after a row that saw the previous tenants evicted.

Deborah and Martin Griffith ran the Lockhouse Restaurant at Portishead Open Air Pool but left after the row over a £7,000 electricity bill.

The pair staged a sit-in after the power was cut-off, claiming bills at a similar restaurant they run were lower.

The pool's trustees say they want to find someone to run it before Easter.

They say it will initially be hired out on a short-term basis but would tender for a long-term tenant.

Director Jane Humphreys said it was vital the restaurant opened as making money from it was part of the business plan for the pool.

"It's important that somebody comes in and can see the potential there and is willing to work with us just to get it open and running for a few months," she said.

"We will be looking for people to take on a tenancy on a longer-term basis but that is going to take a while.

"We want to do it properly and we want to make certain that we've got somebody who is going to be reliable tenant."

More than 20 informal expressions of interest have been made to the pool over the running of the restaurant.

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